Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Version Set to Launch in Late Summer of 2020

Square Enix saddened fans with some bad news when it announced the delay of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition. The game was set initially to appear on January 23, 2020. A recent report, however, indicated a delay until the summer of 2020.

Square Enix expressed its joy about receiving many positive messages and a lot of encouragement from fans. Yet, it was also announced that the launch date for the game is being delayed. The decision came after some requirements appeared, and adjustments are needed for the game to run correctly. You can watch the Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer here with the updated launch date.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is known as an action game developed by The Game Designers Studio and published in 2003 in Japan by Nintendo. Australia, North America, and Europe saw the release later in 2004. The game received a remastered version for PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, set to be launched in 2020.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Version Set to Launch in Late Summer of 2020

The Crystal Chronicles is the first title developed for a Nintendo console since Final Fantasy VI in 1994. The game offers players a whole different perspective of adventure, and they have to travel in a caravan collecting mystical fuel for crystals. The crystals ensure protection for the world’s establishments from the harmful Miasma.

Moreover, the players’ mission is to transport a vessel with the crystal’s power, securing it from any enemies and solving some riddles to level up. In Single Player Mode, users lead one character protecting the Moogle-kept vessel from enemy strikes while traveling through dungeons.

As for the game’s Multiplayer Mode, it utilizes Game Boy Advance units linked using the console’s connection cable and offers up to four players’ experience. All players are showed on the screen, while their GBAs both lead their characters and permit many features, such as shopping in villages or start battles.

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