Finding the Best Ink Cartridge: These Are the Top 6 Reviews

Finding the perfect ink cartridge for your printer might be challenging from time to time. But worry not, because these next ink cartridges are what you need right now.

GPC Image Ink

The ink that comes from GPC is the best choice for those of you who have a Canon printer. It’s compatible with the Canon Pixma MG series. We are also talking about MG5522 and MG6320. If you’re asking yourself, is not a bad idea to use it on printers like MX 722 and MX 922.  The maximum number of pages to print is 500 for black ones and 300 for colored ones. It’s the best printer you can get for home or for your office. This one comes with packages of 14 – it should last two months. The design is easy to understand, so you won’t have problems when you put the cartridge in.

HP 951 Ink

Here we have another fantastic ink cartridge made by HP. It’s suitable for those larger printers from the Officejet series, such as Pro 251, 8630 and 8625. It can print 700 pages for every cartridge. There are three ink colors: yellow, magenta, and cyan. The prints are incredible since it also prevents the printer from clogging. The ink is water-resistant. It’s truly a high-quality product.


If you have an HP Photosmart printer, then this one is for you. It’s best pals with the HP 4620 Deskjet and 3522 printers. It can print 800 pages for every black cartridge and 750 for the color cartridge. It is also effortless to install and then use. Every package comes with four black, two magentas, two cyan, and two yellow cartridges. The quality of the ink is outstanding.

It is also worth mentioning that it has approvement by MSDS, and it comes with two-year cover reliability.

JetSir Ink

This cartridge is suitable to go for all the Epson XP printers, from XP-330 to XP-446. When you want to buy an ink cartridge, you need to take into account the total number of pages that it can print. With this one, you get 550 black pages and 450 color pages. This one works perfectly for a small office.

It comes with five cartridges of yellow color, photo black, single film, cyan, and magenta. You can replace the colors whenever you need. It also has the MSDS requirements, and it meets the requirements asked by the ISO-9001, so you know that the money is worth the product.

HP 62XL Ink

This one works excellent with the HP ENVY series. It works with any ENVY 55 collection, from 5540 to 5565, to 7644 to 7645. It’s also good for HP Officejet 200, 528 and 5743. It gives you 600 prints, which is suitable for an office. The print is integrated, so it’s easy to clean it. This means that you’ll add the ink and only wipe the head. You will use your cartridge for months without actually replacing it. This means more money for you.

HP 63 Original Ink

This one is one of the most popular ink cartridges from HP. It works good with the HP Deskjet printers, with the 1112 model to the 3637 one. It’s also good with the HP ENVY series, from 4512 to 4524.

It is impressive because it gives you almost two times more prints if we are to compare it to the refill cartridges. You have 190 pages per cartridge. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you are required to use the original HP genuine ink. This actually means prints full of quality.

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