Firefox Latest Update is Now Available with High-Priority Bug Fixes and Software Improvements

If you feel like your smartphone’s default mobile browser is not good enough or that it consumes too much memory, then you might want to check out Firefox. Firefox is one of the world’s most popular browsers on both PC and mobile. The browser has been downloaded by more than three million people on the Google Play Store alone and this speaks volumes about the performances that it offers.

While Firefox might be renowned for its premium user experience, this is not the best thing about it. What’s great about using Firefox instead of any other mobile browser is the fact that Firefox is updated on a regular basis with software improvements. In fact, a new update which sports the 68.2.0 version number has just been released.

Firefox 68.2.0 Update

As previously noted, the new update for Firefox sports the 68.2.0 version number. The update is rolling out via OTA (over the air) channels which means that the only thing Firefox fans need to do in order to access the software improvements that the update brings is to keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Faster Performances

Some Firefox fans might be disappointed to find out that the new update for Firefox doesn’t come with any new features or exciting changes to the UI (user interface), however, the update makes up for that by introducing bunch of “under the hood” software improvements. Not just that, but the update also introduces a handful of high-priority bug fixes.

The reason why the new software improvements are dubbed as “under the hood” is that even though users might not be able to see them as they would with a new feature, they are certainly going to feel them because they are boosting the overall performances of Firefox

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