First PS5 Controller Patent Revealed

With the release of the PS5 approaching slowly, but steadily, fans are growing more and more excited to find out all of the details about the next-gen console.

Sony is planning a Holiday 2020 release for their product, so we still have at least one more year to wait before the PS5 is officially launched. However, with the help of a few leaks and glimpses, we managed to get an idea of what the console will be like.

Recently, a new patent posted on the Japanese patent office’s website stirred up some discussions, offering us a glimpse at the design of the PlayStation 5 controller. At first sight, it resembles the Dual Shock 4, but the designers made a few crucial changes that differentiate this controller from previous ones.

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According to observations made by VGC, the patent images reveal changes such as smaller sticks, larger triggers, a USB-C charging port, and no light bar. Of course, this is not the final version of the PS5 controller, but the chances are that some of these details will be part of the final design.

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Not so long ago, Sony discussed the PS5 controller, suggesting that the standard rumble will be switched out for haptics, offering a “broader range of feedback.” Even more, the L2/R2 triggers on the PS4 controller will be replaced by adaptive triggers. According to multiple reports, the PlayStation 5 controller is being developed with the ultimate goal of offering players a stronger sense of place within their environments, while also giving developers new options in the experiences they can replicate.

Furthermore, we now that Sony’s next-gen controller will only allow users to play games installed from discs, and the company is hoping that gamers will adapt well to this.

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