Fortnite and Batman Cross-Over Appeared In Some Recent Leaks

Probably any superhero fan on the planet likes Batman, even if he’d seen the legendary character only on comic books and cartoons or also in Christopher Nolan’s famous and very successful trilogy. Video games dedicated exclusively to the Dark Knight represent something usual, but bringing him to a whole new world may be peculiar for some people. That’s what Fortnite and Batman cross-over teased by Epic Games

Gotham City and Batman Skins in Fortnite

Twitter users Lucas7yoshi and FNBR leaks point out how the massively popular battle royal game Fortnite will have new gear, skins, and locations based on the famous Batman character. Gotham City will replace the Tilted Town, and it will be stood out by the Batman’s signature cape, the well-known help signal which indicates that the Dark Knight is on its way to beat up the bad guys.

Batman’s weapons will also be in Fortnite

Who doesn’t like the Dark Knight’s grapnel gun and his explosive Batarang? It looks like you will have the opportunity to use them in future Fortnite updates while defeating your opponents.

For some people, it may not be a surprise the arrival of the mighty Batman in Fortnite. A big rival game of Fortnite, PUBG which is also a battle royal game, is already having some premium skins for characters involved in the Batman world: Joker and Harley Quinn. Perhaps the developers from Fortnite wanted to show the ones from PUBG who’s boss.

Fortnite and Batman cross-over will also bring other Batman-related items

But the good news doesn’t end yet. The leak also has some encrypted data about additional content which is unknown for the moment, and most likely it’s about other exciting features regarding Batman.

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