Fortnite Battle Royale Fans, Get Ready For Season 11

A couple of hours ago, Epic Games held a live stream event for its Fortnite Battle Royale title to mark the end of Season 10 and the beginning of Season 11.

The live event was held on YouTube:

Soon, the video will be available for all the fans of Fortnite Battle Royale out there. At the moment, we can only tell you that Epic Games has a lot of things in mind for the new Season 11 in Fortnite. As it seems, Season 11 would be stunning, and all the Fortnite players out there should prepare for another excellent season in their favorite game.

After the event ended, the Epic Games’ servers went down, and about 30 minutes ago, FortniteBR announced that the devs are working on getting Epic Games launcher back online. “We are aware that some folks are unable to login to the Epic Games launcher and are working on getting the service back to normal,” they said.

Get Ready For Season 11 In Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is the most popular Battle Royale game on Windows and Mac, as well as on iOS. Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile are now the only genuine competitors to Fortnite, but both are excellent games on Android, being also available on Windows thanks to Gameloop Android Emulator.

As we move forward into the next season in Fortnite, the Season 11, we must recognize the effort put in by Epic Games to come up with another excellent season. Epic Games is far from giving up in front of Activision and Tencent Games. While PUBG Mobile and the recently released Call of Duty Mobile might threat the sovereignty of Fortnite on mobile devices, on PC, Fortnite Battle Royale remains the best.

To wrap it up, the recent live stream event regarding the new Season 11 in Fortnite was astonishing for the game’s fans. Accordingly, we should expect a new, incendiary season in the most popular Battle Royale game in the world.

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Ben Johnson

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