Fortnite Might Soon Receive a Lobby With 200 Players

The rumor is coming from Tfue, who is a professional Fortnite player, a Twitch Streamer, and an ex-member of the FaZe Clan. The player has a YouTube account with 11.5 million subscribers and 1.1 billion views on its channel. The rumor says that Fortnite will have 200 players Battle Royale in development. Moreover, the news is sustained by another Fortnite player, Scoped.

Tfue was starting his stream on YouTube with a rumor about a lobby of 200 players in development for Fortnite. The player received a message from another Fortnite player called Scoped, which contained a link for a form. Scoped had forwarded the message from one of the staff of Fortnite.

The Message from the Fortnite Staff

The message says that the company Epic Games wants a test for 200 elite players and streamers. The test is practically only for the elite Fortnite users in a unique competitive Battle Royale. What happened after Tfue made the announcement was unusual. Tfue viewers were the first ones to apply to the form after the announcement, even if only elite players should have applied for it. The result of Tfue’s streaming was that the company Epic Games closed the link after the abundance of players sign into the form.

Moreover, the 200 selected elite players for this test will be tried out by other Fortnite players. For this selection, Epic Games has another server build. Because of the accidental leak, a Fortnite competitive moderator on Reddit had written to people not to submit to the form. The Fortnite competitive is practically a community-run for Reddit dedicated to Fortnite Battle Royale.

To sum up, other users and players are thinking about other alternatives for the test. One of the possibilities is to have 2×100 players for the elite lobby and to test new features and functions for the game. Tfue and Scoped are not the only players that were revealing this leak, code life is another YouTuber who talked about the leak.

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