Fortnite Season 10 Update Available to Download with Major Changes

Fortnite Season 10 has been available for a while, and a new update brings a variety of changes that should keep players busy until the next season will be released at some point in October.

Major changes

One of the major changes comes in the form of a new skill-based matchmaking system. The new system should group players with similar skills while also assuring console players that they will only battle other console players. A large number of people who play on console have stated that they are being matched with PC players who have a substantial advantage over them because can aim better with the help of the classic mouse and keyboard combo.

Some players have also observed a strange phenomenon on the island. The mechs which were added at the start of Season 10 will self-destruct as soon as they reach the ground during a match. It is speculated that there may be a tie between the explosions and The Visitor, who is known as the antagonist in the lore of the game. The rockets launched by him at the start of Season 4  triggered most of the changes which took place on the island.

Limited time modes

Zone Wars

This is a new game mode for solo players. It simulates the end of a battle royale match with a smaller zone. Pay attention to rival players as you avoid the Storm.  Each round will be different as the mode used randomized spawns and inventory items.

Weapons and items changes

The Explosive Batarang will have an audio visualizer icon for proximity beeping.

Shield Bubbles will now bounce off other players when they are thrown towards them.

Bouncer, a rare trap, has been unvaulted. It will drop in stacks of three from a selection of sources.

Players can now use the Batman Grapnel Gun end Explosive Batarang in Arena and Tournament modes.

The complete patch notes for 10.40 can be found on the official website.

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Ben Johnson

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