Garena Free Fire — Best Five Locations for Looting in the Bermuda Map

Garena Free Fire is a popular multiplayer battle royale game that boasts more than 50 million active players. The game has 50 players land on an island fighting for their lives; the last one to stand is the winner.

At the moment, there are two different maps on the game: the classic Bermuda map, and a new one, the Purgatory map. An important factor in succeeding in the game is choosing the place on which you land. It is essential to know that not every location is a perfect place, as it depends a lot on the gamers’ play style and mental attitude towards the game.

Even though hot locations have a lot of loot, it might not be the best option for players who prefer a more passive style of play. However, for the ones that love to fight the enemies aggressively, these are the perfect areas to land. With this in mind, below are the top five looting places in the classic Bermuda map.

Garena Free Fire — Best Five Locations for Looting in the Bermuda Map


Pochinok is a place located near the south side of the map. It holds several houses and compounds, which means there is numerous loot accessible in the area. The site has enough loot typically for a squad, but lots of players are not prioritizing it for various reasons.

Pochinok also provides high tier loot, but in most instances, the loot is low to mid-tier. Moreover, the houses in the region are not close positioned, so players need to run a bit more to move from a house to another.

Cape Town

Cape Town is an excellent area to land on. It is placed on the far east side of the map, with structures built close to each other, which makes the looting process very rapid.​ The spot has sufficient loot for a whole team, and dissimilar to other massive places, Cape Town is quiet when it comes to action.

Because it is located in the extreme corner of the map, most players stay away from this area, which, in turn, makes Cape Town an incredible location for passive gamers.

Mars Electric

This location is one of the best on the map when it comes to both quality and quantity. Located in the south region of the map, it also ends up being mostly ignored. Mars Electric packs top tier loot and sniper rifles, it is rather significant and has a lot of weapons and all kinds of gears.

Therefore, looting may take a while here. There are vehicles ready to be accessed close to Mars Electric, which makes rotation from the area easier.


Another location that features top tier gears and the best weapons in the game, Shipyard is placed on the north side of the map, close to the Water Front. The area is rather small, and the looting process is rapid.

However, this also means that Shipyard is a cool zone that other players consider; therefore, it is a dangerous place to make a landing on. The region also has four cranes that are perfect for sniping and scouting.


This one is probably the best place for looting on the Bermuda map in Garena Free Fire when it comes to weapons and high tier gears. Mill is placed in the north-east region of the map. It is a perfect location for great loot, because, no matter if you’re playing ​by yourself or in a team, Mill has enough loot for everyone.

Even so, the evident disadvantage of this place is that a large number of players land here, as it becomes a graveyard a few minutes after the start of the game. Therefore, it is not an excellent location for passive players.

Hopefully, these ​descriptions helped you, whether you’re a Garena Free Fire passive or active player. Feel free to drop your opinion in the comments section below.

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