Garena Free Fire – How to Fix the Most Encountered Issues from the Game: Lag and Suddenly Closing

We have written this article to give you the best solutions for the most common issues found in Garena Free Fire.

Fixing lag in Garena Free Fire

There are so many possible solutions for you if you experience lag.

Make sure your Wi-Fi is in good shape, and it is able to give you a stable connection. Also, before starting the game, close the apps that run in the background. Do not recharge your phone while you’re playing the game.

It might be best to decrease the quality of the graphics from the configuration menu. And don’t forget to empty the cache, especially if you’ve never done it before, you’d see the difference for sure.

Sometimes it might work just by closing the game entirely and re-opening it. Or restart the phone completely.

Make sure your phone has the minimum requirements to work the game.

Fixing the game that takes you out constantly

If the game suddenly takes you out without reason, it might be a lack of memory. The solutions are quite similar to those presented in the case of lag.

So make sure you don’t have the charger connected when you’re playing, and close the apps that run in the background before you open Garena Free Fire.

Don’t forget to empty the cache. Try to close the game, then re-open it. If it still takes you out without a reason after you’ve tried all of these, restart your phone completely and then give it some time. When it comes to graphics, it might be the best, so start with the configuration menu and decrease the quality of graphics from the very start.

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