Garena Free Fire To Receive Alvaro as a New Character

The battle royale genre was among the hits of the last decade when it comes to video games. Previous titles that were a part of the genre have been released in the past, but it was brought back into the limelight by PUBG.

PUBG surfaced as a mod for ARMA III, a popular video game that offers an authentic military simulator experience. The mod was a quick-hit among players, and the creators were approached by a partner who wanted to finance a standalone version. The rest, as we know, is history.

About Garena Free Fire

In the wake of the new segment heralded by PUBG, a large number of developers decided to release their take on the genre. One of the most popular ones is Garena, and the company decided to publish a free-to-play battle royale game for smartphones.

Free Fire, as the game is known, is praised by a large number of mobile gamers thanks to the high-quality gameplay experience and the fact that it works well even on modest smartphones. Garena has released a steady supply of updates that brought fresh content, and a new one in the making.

New character

Garena has teased the upcoming character for over two months, and it seems that the release date is near. A slower launch is planned at first as Alvaro will make his debut on the Indonesian servers, with a global launch being scheduled for a later date.

Beauty in destruction

Alvaro comes with an exciting new skill, which is known at this point as the Art of Demolition. This skill can increase the range and damage of all the explosive weapons present within the game, among which we can count grenades, landmines, and others.

Players who enjoy hunting down enemies with the help of explosive weapons will love the new character. He will likely be released in the following weeks.

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