Garena Free Fire Update: How to Reset or Delete Your Account

The benefit of Garena is that it uses a variety of games for any platform. Therefore, if you are into one of those nasty moods when you don’t know what game to play next, Garena will gladly have plenty of recommendations for you.

Free Fire is one of the games offered by Garena, for mobile of action-adventure Battle royale sort of game, developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. The game was beta-released in November 2017 and was officially released for Android and iOS on December 4, 2017.

But there’s that moment in life when you may want to delete or reset your account. And of course, companies don’t bother putting those buttons at your disposal too easy, so you have to do your best to find them. But Garena is pretty much an exception. You should keep in mind that deleting a Garena account will deny you access to all of the publisher’s games.


Easy as pie, all you have to do is first go to Garena’s website. Then log in with your credentials, navigate to Garena in the new window, select Account settings, follow the on-screen prompts to remove your profile and associated information, confirm action (if prompted), save the new settings to finish up and ultimately, exit the window.

Recover account

With the usage of so many tech services these days, perhaps we all had forgotten a password chosen for a specific account. Therefore, knowing how to recover a password and the account itself can be crucial. For Garena, just go to the designated account reset/recovery site. Follow the recovery link, and the rest represents only formality.

Founded 10 years ago in Singapore by current Chairman and Group CEO, Forrest Li., Garena is a digital services company that engages in gaming, eSports, eCommerce and digital finance, primarily focusing on the South East Asian area.

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