Gmail 2019.10.20.277412029 For Android Launched With Enhancements

Gmail is the best mail service, especially among Android users. Usually, Google rolls out some significant updates for Gmail. However, the new Gmail 2019.10.20.277412029 for Android released with some improvements and bug fixes.

Gmail Features

Gmail is the most popular email service in the world, mostly because it is the default mail app on Android devices. It also sports a user-friendly interface that catalog mails depending on their category, such as Social, Promotions, and Primary for the regular emails.

The Android app is lightweight, and it comes with many features to ease up the user experience with the Android Gmail application. Gmail sports the following features:

  • Organized inbox – users can organize their inbox via the default categories that the app provides.
  • No more spam emails – Google improved its spam policies, blocking spam emails before they enter your inbox.
  • Increased storage – Gmail brings 15 Gb of cloud space for free so that users can keep lots of emails without needing to delete messages to free up space.
  • More accounts possible – The application allows users to have multiple accounts, each of them being controllable via the app, so if you have multiple Google accounts, you can organize them via Gmail

In short, the Android Gmail email service offers everything that users need from an email provider, including lots of features, functions, and more. The app provides access to the most popular email service, Gmail, and it’s the most popular one on Android devices, as it comes pre-installed on smartphones and tablets running Android.

What’s New In Gmail 2019.10.20.277412029?

From now and then, Google launches new features and visual changes to its Gmail application. Now, that’s not the case because the latest Gmail 2019.10.20.277412029 only brings some under the hood enhancements.

The new Gmail 2019.10.20.277412029 comes with performance and stability improvements, as well as with bug fixes to address some issues in the previous versions. You can already download the update from the Google Play Store marketplace.

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Ben Johnson

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