Gmail 2019.11.21.283644823 Update Comes With New Enhancements And Bug Fixes

While most people prefer to use messaging apps and social media platforms, emails remain a popular means of communication, especially when formal conversations and queries are involved. Gmail is the most popular email provider at the moment.

In the last two decades, a large number of email services came and went away. Some of them offered exciting features but weren’t successful in the long run while others enjoy a solid reputation and are the default choice for a large number of users.

Gmail is one of the most popular email services, as it is used by hundreds of millions of people from all over the world. Gmail is offered and maintained by Google, one of the biggest companies in IT, and the service has received a constant stream of updates that provide new features and functions.

Gmail Features

  • Smart reply – Writing an email when you have to go somewhere else can be a bit troublesome, but Google aims to limit the struggle with the help of the Smart Reply feature, which harnesses AI to anticipate what you may want to write as a response.
  • Nudge – Nudge is a great time saver since it allows you to mark relevant emails. The market emails will be brought to the top of the inbox so you can answer them without the need to search manually.
  • Gmail Search – A built-in search feature is a handy tool. Users can search for specific details within messages, and specific search operators will improve the accuracy of the process.
  • Archive emails – Harness up to 15GB of free storage space to free some space within your inbox without the need to delete emails permanently.
  • Undo sent mail – Everyone makes mistakes. Users have up to 30 seconds to delete a sent email and avoid an embarrassing explanation.
  • Confidential mode – Add an expiry date to your emails to keep confidential messages safe.

What’s New In Gmail 2019.11.21.283644823?

The latest update, Gmail 2019.11.21.283644823, comes with new bug fixes and performance improvements.

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