Gmail Dark Mode Available On Android 10 Smartphones – How To Activate It

Android 10 is the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system released at the beginning of this month. Along with it, Google now introduces the dark theme. Now, Gmail will finally receive the sought-after dark mode.

Dark theme is available for almost all of the Google apps you use on your phone, such as YouTube and even on your Calculator or Calendar. There are some exceptions here, like Google Chrome, where the dark mode is not an option. Until now, Gmail missed this option.

But we are glad to announce that Google finally worked this through and now if you have an Android 10 release, you can activate the dark mode setting. But the update is not out for every Android 10 device yet, so you will have to be patient until it arrives on your phone.

This dark theme first became famous for Facebook Messenger, the Slack apps, and the Reddit apps. Now, Android adopted it, and very soon, Apple will embrace it too. When iOS 13 will release this month, it will come with the dark theme feature.

What benefits will this dark mode bring?

Well, first of all, it will go easy on your battery life, as it will help in saving power. Second of all, the screen will not tire your eyes at night. Android Pie was the first operating system that got the dark mode from Google but did not appear for everyone. Now, with the Android 10, every phone that uses this operating system will get it.

It was evident that this theme will not be set automatically for all of your Google apps. So for some apps, you will have to turn it on manually.

How to activate the dark mode feature on Gmail on Android 10 phone

  • Enter your Gmail and access the menu from the top left of it.
  • You will have to scroll down the menu and tap on Settings.
  • Enter the General Settings.
  • There is the Theme setting for you to access.
  • In there, choose Dark, and now you are ready to use the Dark mode in Gmail.

How to activate dark mode on Android 10

Now, if you want for the dark theme to be your system default in Android 10, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Enter Settings, and choose Display.
  • Scroll down the menu and toggle on Dark theme.

Dark theme on Android 10 works like a charm if there are apps that automatically takes the default system setting. However, manually activating it in Gmail and other apps is not a difficult task, either.

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