Google Chrome 79 Warns You When Your Password Is Stolen

Today we have great news for Chrome users worldwide! Google Chrome 79 update launched for the most popular browser, and it includes excellent improvements when it comes to password protection.

The developments added to Chrome are practical, among other things, a warning for the users that had their password stolen. Google Chrome was warning users until now about their passwords. When users input their passwords in a separate browser extension or the checkup tool, Google warned them, but now things will be straightforward.

Google Chrome Version 79 brings improved password protection

What Google is doing now to secure passwords is a highly secure technique named private set intersection with blinding. The secret set intersection is practically Google using encrypted copies of the passwords that are hard tangled. After that, multiple layers of encryption will apply to each user’s password.

Besides this, Google is not stopping here with the improvements. New real-time protection added for the development of the browser phishing. What Google has done until now for the phishing protection is having a list of sites with a 30 minutes update. This method was inefficient because many of the fraudsters are hiding and switching domains to escape from the company’s search.

More features come via Google Chrome 79

Also, another feature added by the company is the multiple profile support for users. Many users are using multiple profiles in Google Chrome, or maybe most of them are sharing their devices. So, the company has a new indicator that analyzes which profile is the most used one, and the password will be saved correctly. Practically, each profile will have the right password attributed to it.

Finally, take note that Google Chrome 79 is available since yesterday, but it will take a while when each of us receives the new features that we talked about in this article.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

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