Google Chrome vs. Mint Browser – Specs and Smarter Voice Search Comparison

It is well-known that most Android devices come with a Google Chrome as the default pre-loaded browser. While the app is quite great, there are several competitors on the Play Store, each of them offering a selection of advantages and features.

Xiaomi has decided to release its take on a mobile browser in the form of Mint Browser. The app was designed from the ground up as a competitor to Google Chrome, and it appears to be quite good. Read below to learn which is app better.


Internal storage space can be quite important for some users as a few MB of data will allow you to take a memorable picture. At 10MB Mint Browser is quite lightweight in comparison to Chrome, which demands up to 50MB. Both browsers can be downloaded quite easily from the Play Store, but Chrome is also compatible with devices made by Apple and Windows PCs.


Taking a page from other popular browsing apps, Mint Browsers sports a generous toolbar which is place at the bottom of the screen. The toolbar offers access to lots of features, but the address bar remains in at the top of the screen. Chrome places both the address bar and the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Both browsers offer a large start page, but Mint Browser strives to deliver a clean experience. The start page offers a selection of shortcuts and an icon for activating the voice search feature. Chrome offers a similar setup, but a large part of the page is filled by selected content.

Smarter voice search

The voice search feature offered by Mint Browser can display results immediately while the one offered by Chrome allows users to enter a query, but users have to touch the search button before results are shown.

Gesture navigation

Chrome is compatible with a large selection of gestures, while Mint Browser is limited to pinch and zoom.

Making a choice

Each app offers its advantages and disadvantages. The best way to decide is to try both of them and pick the one which works best for you.

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