Google Earth Update Launched With Performance Enhancements

Google offers a rich selection of services, among which we can count Google Search, Gmail, and Google Maps. However, some of them are quite useful but not as iconic. One of them is Google Earth, an excellent app that is available on PCs and smartphones.

The best trait is the ability to take a virtual tour across the world by searching for a specific address or area. Google Earth is also useful for educational purposes since you can use it to showcase specific areas of the world and use the chance to teach valuable information.

Google Earth – Features

Tour the world

Google Earth employs a selection of advanced technologies, including the use of satellite images and on-site image capturing to display spectacular landscapes and pictures from all over the world. View the savage African savannah, take a look at beautiful landmarks, and survey some of the most places in the world.

Admire the world layer by layer

One of the best traits of Google Earth is the ability to select different layers. Users can observe and learn a variety of exciting things about a particular area. The list of available layers includes weather, roads, oceans, places, and much more.

Locate a specific area

It is quite easy to locate a particular address in less than a minute. Enter the name of the desired location in the address bar and click or tap on Enter. A beautiful animation will take you from an overall view of the planet to the desired location. It is important to note that some locations could change due to some reasons.

Make a contribution

Those who are familiar with the Keyhole Markup Language can add new content to Google Earth. How far? Use the dedicated ruler tool to measure the distance between two points quickly.

The new Google Earth comes with enhancements

The latest update, Google Earth, comes with new performance improvements and bug fixes.

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