Google I/O 2020 – Android 11, Pixel 4a, Wear OS, and More

Google I/O 2020 will surely bring great stuff at the conference that will start on 12-14 May. This year’s developers’ conference could reveal the awaited Google Pixel 4a and Google Pixel 4a XL and so many other devices, and to speak frankly, Google IO is not just for developers, but for all Google enthusiasts. We have made a list of what to expect to see at Google IO 2020, so here we go.

Google I/O 2020 round-up

Android 11

In the past, Google has revealed the upcoming software updates at IO; therefore, it is only fair to assume that Android 11 will be shared at the conference this year. However, we do expect that they will not disclose all the details regarding the Android 11 version until later on, as the software will most likely be part of the upcoming Google Pixel 5 series. The next Pixel generation will most likely come out in September or October 2020.

Not many leaks have reached our ears, but one thing for sure is that Android 11 will feature ‘Scoped Storage,’ which is a refreshing change in terms of protection and increase speed for the way apps access other files on your device. More details to come at Google I/O 2020!

Google Pixel 4a / Pixel 4a XL

We will probably see the budget-friendly versions of the Pixel 4 model at Google IO 2020. Last year, Google revealed its predecessor budget-friendly range at Google IO 2019. However, we are not sure what to think regarding the Xl version of Pixel 4a, as some rumors suggest that Google won’t sell this larger model.

Wear OS

Is Wear OS 3 coming at Google I/O 2020? We don’t know as Google seems not to pay so much attention to Wear OS. Ever since Wear OS 2 release back in August 2018, Google has not made any significant updates to the version. Even if there won’t be a next Wear OS 3, we are expecting to see at least an essential upgrade for Wear OS. Maybe they will introduce the ‘Tiles’ feature that was revealed at I/O 2019.

Google Assistant

As reported at CES 2020 in January, Google Assistant will feature new updates, like the scheduled actions and a speed dial feature and many other improvements.

Google Search

Last year at I/O 2019, Google has introduced augmented reality (AR), so for IO 2020, we expect some improvements only.

Google Pixel Watch

Google could be working at Pixel Watch, but we don’t expect it to be launched at Google IO 2020. Although they could introduce their own wearables in the future, there is no confirmation that they even exist yet. And if they do exists, we assume Google will launch them together with the Pixel 5 series or in 2021.

Smart home devices

At I/O 2019, Google introduced Nest Hello doorbell, Nest Mini speaker, Nest Wi-Fi, as well as Nest Hub Max smart display plus many other home smart devices. Some of the devices were simpler such as smoke alarms, smart thermostats, etc. At Google I/O 2020, we expect to see some upgraded versions of the already launched devices, at least.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia Pro version is not free yet. We expect to see a free version of the game streaming service at I/O 2020. Google could also introduce ‘Crowd Play,’ as well as many other features. And let’s not forget about the games. The 2020 conference could bring to light some new elite games, maybe make the streaming service available on other smartphones, besides the Pixels. We could totally see that happen.

Google I/O 2020 will surely have a lot to offer!

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