Google Maps 10.26 Update To Bring Incognito Mode For More Privacy

Hide your tracks in Google Maps with Incognito Mode, and you can stay safe. The company plans to release a smart way of hiding the tracks that you don’t want to share publicly. Google Maps will receive an update, Google Maps 10.26 version, which is highly testing right now, according to Android Police. We know so far that the incognito mode from Google Chrome doesn’t store or record your daily browser history on any device. Developers want to do something similar to Google Maps.

Google Maps 10.26 update will bring the incognito mode

The smart way to hide any move you do on Google Maps is probably the most significant idea so far by Google. Incognito mode won’t keep at all your browsing history. Also, it won’t take any action in updating your location history/shared locations. It won’t use your records to change or personalize the experience you encounter. From an online screenshot release, we get a sneak peek of the incognito mode being turned on.

How helpful is this feature? Imagine you are planning some surprise shopping or buying a gift, and you don’t want someone to see where you’re going. Only someone you know and have access to your Google account could find out something like that. More interesting? If you are in a location, you don’t like, and this feature will be handy because Google won’t recommend you similar places in the future.

Other features will come with Google Maps 10.26

From XDA-Developers sources, we find out how another great feature will soon be introduced. The Android forums unveiled some hints to an eyes-free navigation feature in a teaser version of the app. How can this option help us?

The Eyes Free mode will supposedly lower the necessity to look at your screen when walking. This fact means that it will bring more frequent and accurate voice guidance. Eyes Mode will stop various incidents like broken-down vehicles, lane closures, and so on.

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