Google Maps Comes with a Feature That Will Surely Upset the Police

When it comes to driving, people use two real-time mapping programs, such as Waze and Google Maps.

Google Maps seems to be a better map that shows alternate routes. It comes in handy, especially when you are going on long trips. However, Waze is actually owned by Google, and it comes with one feature that we all absolutely adore: it allows drivers to warn other drivers about the road hazards and the police speed traps. We all want to know where the cops are. Why did not Google combined both apps?

This week, Google announced that drivers would be able to report hazards and slowdowns and even speed traps on Google Maps. This thing has been rolled out in some cases to some Android phones, but it would not be available on other platforms. We think drivers are so excited about this.

However, the police are not happy at all. Police have been asking – is demanding a better word for this? –the Waze app developers drop the feature, which helps drivers locate the cops.

NYPD has written a statement to Google that they are aware of the Waze app, and how it permits drivers to report to other drivers DWI checkpoints. They demanded that Google LLC remove the function from the app. This happened back in February this year.

This Waze feature, and the new version of Google Maps make no difference between the police that is running speed traps, or the DWI checkpoints, or those that are sitting by the side of the road.

LAPD, together with the National Sheriffs’ Association, also insisted that Waze should drop the feature.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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