Google Maps Recorded an Unexpected Event

Google Maps is a useful tool when you want to search for any shortcuts or to discover unknown places. But sometimes, users got the fun of their life when they find some things, occasionally. Recently, users on Reddit explored Google Maps and found something quite intriguing. The residents in one New Jersey area appeared to have the time of their lives. The image was posted on Reddit, and it depicts an event you might not encounter every day.

The capture from Google Maps shows a burst of a fire hydrant, a group of people, both children and adults. The hydrant was splashing the water everywhere, even if there wasn’t a fire. Google Earth cameras shotted the event in July 2018. The event, however, happened at the best time ever. According to local weather news, WeatherSppark, the temperature in that place around that time was around 30c. Considering the daily average high temperature in July 2018, which was 87c, that day was a warm one. The capture shows how people dressed casually, in shorts and tops, even bathing suits, were enjoying the sunlight.

It seems that they couldn’t ask for more on that day.

The fire hydrant, which splashed just everywhere around it, attracted lots of children in bathing suits. They were happy about the incident, jumping and splashing in the bursting water. Also, a woman could be seen as she took a chair and put it right onto the pavement to see better the children. The incident didn’t bother anyone. The people who passed by or the ones in the cars seemed unruffled by the event.

Reddit users got amused and amazed, too, by the incident. An Australian user said, “Wait, those things are real!? I thought they were made up in movies, never seen them in Australia.”

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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