Google Pixel 4 5G Not Revealed, And Google Explained Why

Dozens of rumors said that there will be a Google Pixel 4 5G variant or that all the devices will incorporate 5G chipsets inside. However, there is no Google Pixel 4 5G model, and Google explained why that happened.

In an interview with PCMag, Google’s Product Management Vice President, Brian Rakowski, explained that the components that support 5G are still immature and resource consumers, especially regarding the battery. Brian Rakowski added that 5G requires more powerful accumulators so that Google decided to postpone the release of the Google Pixel 4 5G model.

As it seems, both Google and Apple are on the same page regarding 5G. Both tech giants refused to jump into the 5G network era just for getting the money out of the pockets of their users. Samsung, on the other side, supports 5G, and it even released Galaxy S10 and Note 10 5G smartphones.

Google Explained Why There Is No Google Pixel 4 5G Model

As the 5G network development looks like at this moment, Apple and Google won’t release 5G-supporting smartphones until 2020 or 2021. Most probably, Google wouldn’t launch a Pixel model with 5G support until 2021. And that makes sense since the new network standard is late to implement worldwide.

It’s all about the Benjamins, but it’s also about the quality of the services and hardware offered by the manufacturers. Accordingly, the Mount View-based company refuses to deliver something that’s not in line with the times. And, at the moment, the 5G network is not a standard worldwide. When that would be happening, Google would most likely roll out a Pixel smartphone with a reliable 5G chipset under the hood.

In short, the 5G network-supporting chipsets are immature and resource consumers, as per Brian Rakowski, the VP of Google’s Product Management. Accordingly, that’s why Google Pixel 4 5G model doesn’t exist at the moment. Also, we should not expect a 5G-supporting Pixel smartphone until 2021.

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