Google Plans to Phase Out Chrome Apps

Google is officially releasing a timeline for the moment when the support for Chrome Apps will be phase out for every OS that exists. The Chrome Apps launched seven years ago, and the platform is even now in progress, a good one.

So the first announcement for the phasing of the Chrome Apps was launched in 2016, and now things will go in that direction. Besides this, in the web browser category, many of them are modern now, so we see that from Google Earth and Figma.

Three years ago, Google decided even to remove the Chrome Apps from the Web Store, so the things are serious. Besides this, from March 2020, the Chrome Web Store will remain with the Chrome apps that it has right now because the new ones will not be accepted anymore. The developers don’t need to worry about these changes because they can update their apps until June 2022.

Google Plans to Phase Out Chrome Apps

After June 2022, all the support for the Chrome Apps on Mac, Linux, and Windows will end. At the same time, Google is giving a chance to users of Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education, to use the option with extended support all this year. The things are moving actually from one year through another.

So in June 2021, the Chrome Apps for the Chrome OS support will end as well. Also, alongside with the Chrome Apps, it will be the key APIS such as PPAPI APIS, NaCl, and PNaCL. The clients that are using these keys will have the possibility to extend the support as well as the one mentioned above, for one year. Starting in June 2022, all the Chrome Apps will stop working for good.

Finally, take note that these changes are available for the Chrome Apps, and not for the Chrome extensions. The developers will have a place for their apps, a migration site where they can move everything they have on Chrome Apps.

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