Google Play Services Causes The Battery Drain – How To Fix

There are many causes behind the battery drain on an Android smartphone. However, today, we’ll debate a lesser-known factor – Google Play Services. Yes, Google Play Services might cause the battery drain. Here’s how to fix it.

About Google Play Services

Google Play Services is an essential application for the Android system. It handles all the processes behind Google apps and more. While you cannot access the app, this API package is there, in the background, doing dozens of tasks, from syncing Gmail to accessing the GPS to pinpoint your location.

As it is an essential process for Android, you cannot force close it or uninstall it. All you can do is to uninstall the latest updates and wait and install a new version of Google Play Services once it launches.

There are many reasons why Google Play Services cause the battery drain on your smartphone. It could be a corrupted app that uses the service wrong, or it could be the service itself. Let’s see how to tackle this issue.

How to fix Google Play Services battery drain

Update Google Play Services

In case the Google Play Services is not updated, you should do that right away. Usually, new versions of apps fix bugs and add various improvements.

Remove some Google accounts if you have more

In case you have more Google accounts linked to your smartphone, try removing some of them. Google Play Services’ primary job is to handle Google apps, including Gmail. When there are more accounts connected, the service has more work to do, so it consumes battery.

A third-party app might conflict with Google Play Services

Sometimes, Google Play Services might cause the battery drain because a third-party app is incorrectly accessing the service. Run your smartphone in safe mode, and, in case everything goes alright, then a third-party app is the culprit.

Could be the GPS

As we’ve already mentioned above, Google Play Services also accesses the GPS to find your location and sync Maps and other apps. That consumes more battery. To tackle this one, access the Location section on your device and turn on Improve Location Accuracy. This feature will not only use the GPS to find your location, and it might save battery.


These methods presented above are the best ones to tackle Google Play Services’ battery drain issues. In case they don’t work for you, it might be another app that’s draining your device’s accumulator. Or it can be a hardware problem, more specifically, a faulty battery.

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