Google Play Store 17.0.11 Update Launched With Bug Fixes And Improvements

The latest Google Play Store update came out with an annoying bug. The bug in question affected the inline app changelogs. But Google was fast to release another update to fix that bug. The newest Google Play Store 17.0.11 update came out today, and it also brings some performance improvements and other bug fixes.

Google Play Store is the official Android app store, totaling millions of apps and games, as well as books, movies, music, and many more. It’s the most popular Android app store out there, as it comes installed by default on the majority of Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to some recent updates, Google Play Store now looks more modern. That was possible via the Material Theme redesign. Besides, some other novelties also rolled out in previous versions of the store. Now, the Google Play Store sports a more user-friendly interface and allows users to access changelogs more straightforwardly, except for the latest release that came out with a bug.

What’s new in Google Play Store 17.0.11 update?

Some of the previous versions of the Google Play Store came out with some changes and visual modifications. However, the new Google Play Store 17.0.11 released only to fix the bug of the Google Play Store 16.9.10 version and bring some performance improvements.

Google Play Store 17.0.11 will automatically roll out on every Android smartphone and tablet OTA. All you have to do is to wait for the new version to download and update by itself. Usually, a new Google Play Store update reaches all Android-powered devices within a couple of days, depending on your settings, too.

The best way to keep your Android apps updated is to allow automatic updates via WiFi under the Google Play Store’s My App & Games section. Once you connect your device to a WiFi network, the Store will automatically update the apps on your smartphone or tablet, including the update to Google Play Store 17.0.11.

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