Google Play Store 17.2.12 Rolled Out With Performance Improvements And Bug Fixes

Google Play Store is the official Android app store, and it comes pre-installed on almost all Android-powered devices. For that reason, and not only, that is the most popular app store on Android. Today, Google Play Store 17.2.12 launched with performance improvements and bug fixes.

Google Play Store Is The Best Android App Store Out There

Google Play Store is the most used Android app store in the world. It has hundreds of thousands of games, apps, books, movies, music, and more. It is also a trustworthy source for applications, despite the recent scandals regarding some malware-infected apps that passed over Google’s security measures.

The app is frequently receiving updates that change some of its elements, bring interface modifications, or add several under the hood changes and additions. Recently, the Google Play Store received a considerable theme change that made the app look modern and neat.

The best feature of the Google Play Store is the user-friendly interface that it sports. Also, automatic updates via WiFi and other useful settings make the official Android app store a very popular marketplace for games, applications, and more.

Google Play Store 17.2.12 Launched With Under The Hood Enhancements

Google Play Store 17.2.12 rolled out without any significant additions or visual changes. However, it is a mandatory update since it brings some performance improvements, bug fixes, as well as several security updates.

The app should automatically update as an OTA update, so it should soon roll out on your Android devices, as well. If for any reason, Google Play Store 17.2.12 doesn’t come to your device soon, you can try connecting your smartphone or tablet to a WiFi network and turn on the automatic update feature in the Google Play Store.

The new update is essential since it brings performance improvements. Google Play Store faced some critics from time to time due to some malware-infected apps, but Google promises that enhance security measures have been implemented.

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