Google Play Store Latest Update Comes with an Obvious Bug

A new Google Play Store update has been released, and it is accompanied by an annoying bug that affects inline app changelogs.

In recent months Google Play Store updates pushed the fresh Material Theme redesign. One of the major features of the new look was visible in the case of the My apps & games section. By tapping a small arrow button that was located next to the update one, the user could read the entire changelog for an app.

This allowed users to learn what was new without the need to visit the Play Store page of the app and reducing the risk of updating the app if unwanted changes were made.  The latest Play Store version, 16.9.10, which was released today, comes with a new bug that blocks the app from showing the inline changelogs.

Tapping on the arrow will turn upside down, but the changelog will not be visible, and users have to visit the app page. The bug is present in the case of the Updates pending and Recently updated sections. At this point, it is not present among devices that continue to use the 16.8.19 version of the app. It is hoped that Google will release an emergency update that should address the problem in the following days.

Google had also run into some issues when the first versions of the Material Theme update were released. Many users that the new look was available when they visited the Google Play Store, but it disappeared after a few days, as the latest patches brought back the old design. It was thought that this issue might have been related to visual bugs, which tended to appear in the case of select devices, but there was no conclusive proof.

In the case of Android 10, the update does solve a major bug as the dark mode will remain active when a user opens the Play Store.

Arya Spetza

Arya Spetza

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