Google Search Engine Will Soon Receive The Most Significant Update Since 2014

Soon, Google will implement the most significant update for the Google search engine since 2014. The new improvements will concentrate on small but considerable details. For example, the engine will now take negations into consideration to return much better results for the queries of users.

The update would most likely come as a result of the Google research on training computer how to understand common speech and linguistic nuances. Accordingly, the update bases on the training method used by Google – Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers or BERT.

BERT focuses on machine learning, during which computers try to understand in which order context the words used during a search phrase are present. That gets machines the closes to comprehending how we, humans, speak and understand language and nuances. Google search engine update would give, therefore, better results when users ask questions in the search box.

How could this Google search engine update affect websites?

The improvement won’t affect the SEO techniques used by content writers to index their articles better in the Google search engine on various keywords and keyphrases. But, the change would be that, when the update rolls out, Google’s robots will take every word into account.

That means that the keywords and keyphrases in an article need to be placed in an even more organic manner than today. Google search engine will understand each phrase better than it does it now, so each keyword will start to account more for better indexation of a web page or article.

However, Pandu Nayak, the VP of Google Search, admitted that BERT is far from being a perfect method. Even so, Google has tested it from now and then over the last years. “We’re playing a statistical game here,” highlighted Nayak, suggesting that when the update rolls out, Google search engine could miss some results, affecting some site’s indexation in the system.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

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