GTA 6 Latest Leaks and Rumors – To Appear on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett

More than six years have passed since Rockstar redefined open-world games by releasing GTA V. The online component of the game has received a large amount of content over this time, but many fans are looking forward to a new entry.

As PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett could be released in less than one year, some hope that GTA VI could be one of the launch titles for the new generation of consoles. The internet rumor factory is always hard at work, and a source has leaked a selection of details about GTA VI on a popular discussion platform. Read below to learn more about the latest rumors.

Hot on the tracks of previous rumors, the leak infers that the next GTA VI will take place across several states. This fits with the descriptions of Project America, a supposed codename for the game. According to the leaker, the data was obtained from a source who works for Rockstar India.

Release date

The post notes that Rockstar is currently working on the development of the game. While the first concepts surfaced in 2015, the game entered a full development stage in 2018. The process is led by Rockstar North, and it looks like the task will take a while.

It is thought that Rockstar spent eight years on the development of Red Dead Redemption 2. If the studio follows a similar path for GTA VI, the game should be released in 2026, which seems to be a bit late.


Most of the game will take place in Vice City but players will have the chance to visit other locations, including Liberty City and other iconic places but on-rail missions will be used for this.

New mechanics

The leak mentions that Rockstar plans to implement a complex weather system that should feature natural disasters, including the floods and hurricanes which affect Miami, the city which inspired Vice City.

Until an official announcement comes, we can only hope that at least some of the rumors are real.

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