GTA 6 Leaks Talk About Two Main Characters and One Hidden City

One of the most loved and played games from our childhood until adulthood, Grand Theft Auto, is keeping us on the verge with the 6th update from the franchise. We have gathered new information and leaks about GTA 6 and what we could see in the next title.

Last year was full of holes and rumors about the game, and no official details from Rockstar. So we continue 2020 in the same way, but with exciting novelties.

Rockstar Games tests the patience because we don’t have anything officially to go with it. We are hanging only with the leaks and rumors, and we don’t even know if the company has the game in development or not. We know for sure by now that GTA5 is the bestselling game from the franchise, and it will continue selling at this moment.

GTA 6 Might Have Two Main Characters and One Hidden City, As Per New Leaks

Everyone assumed that GTA 6 would come at the ending of 2020. But the company isn’t confirming anything at this moment. Also, rumors about the game being developed for the next-generation consoles were available. Regarding the GTA 6 setup, the leaks are saying that the company is mapping the United States for the game. Of course, we don’t know if that is true, once again, no confirmation.

Besides this, the secret nature of the Rockstar is intensifying with this game. Not even a picture or a trailer is out for the public, and to dig for it, it seems really hard. The novelty about GTA 6 is that the game has a codename – Project Americas.

The location of the game will be in the Vice City, and two new characters will join the game. Finally, until the next leak, or official information from Rockstar, we have to go with the leaks and rumors about GTA 6.

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