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Grand Theft Auto is maybe the single franchise that had set records from the first launching. The franchise is continuing to set record after record, and it’s still on top sale. Also, the fans that the game has gained are more than we can imagine a game could have. The last game from the series is GTA 5, which is still at the top of the market with billions of active players. But, as we all wish and want, the thought of having GTA 6 on our hands is powerful enough to start rumors and leaks. So here is everything you need to know until now.

GTA 5 came in our life in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360 first, and after two years on PC. After that, because we evolve on all plans, the game was available on PS4 and Xbox One. We are having a gap of six years between GTA 5 and the next one, so rumors started on Reddit and Twitter. We are ending 2019 without an official statement from Rockstar, so we have to wait for the E3 2020.

The next year will be one to remember if we take into consideration the future launches and revealing, especially when we talk about the next-generation consoles. However, let’s see what we have gathered from the Internet about GTA 6. It is said that the new game will have a female character who is taking the lead. So the world dominated by men can receive a shake.

Latest News About Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6)

Another interesting aspect in GTA 6 will be a part where the players can choose to play as a cop. This means a little change of storyline and another perspective. Rumors are saying that the next game will be in South America. Also, Brazil could be the perfect location for both a female lead and the drug trade that will happen on the map.

Besides this, another leak is saying that GTA 6 will keep a single-player campaign, but the multiplayer setup will be available as well. Another exciting change in the set of the game will be the timeline. Rumors are saying that the action will be somewhere in the ’80s and maybe in Vice City. Of course, the mafia, the illegal business, the gangsters, and crime will be present in GTA 6.

Also, if Rockstar is applying to GTA 6 the same realism from the RDR 2, then the game will have fresh air. To sum up all the rumors, the final piece of the puzzle is the release date of GTA 6. Everyone thinks that the late 2020 or 2021 will have the game in stores. Besides this, the game will come in time for the next-generation consoles released by Microsoft and Sony.

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