GTA Online Available with a New Update – Players Can Be Aliens and Animals

Thanks to the Halloween holiday, GTA Online has become something special with the last update. This new update brings animals of all kinds like rabbits and dogs, aliens, and even the famous Bigfoot for players. The original characters can be played by users of the game, in any form they wish. You can fight with farmers, FBI agents, soldiers, or other players turned into the new characters.

GTA Online Update

The Halloween theme is not something new in GTA, because the game has always celebrated the holiday in a way or another. The creepy models or scary masks were the ones found in the game. They even added evil vehicles to make the decoration more valuable. But things are changing fast, so in 2019 we have a Halloween theme named Project 4808 that contains a lot of new survival missions. What you have to do as a player in the original topic, is to take control of an alien with a laser weapon.

However, the survival mode is the standard mode in GTA Online, so the aliens, laser weapons, and UFos are something normal now. Also, besides this, the company has introduced some changes to the mode. For example, now you have a new health pickup, not just the standard health kits.

Besides this, the ability to change your character into an animal is not a new thing if we remember GTA 5 with the single-player mode. You can access this mode in public or private GTA Online lobbies and play it like before. For transforming yourself, you must find one Peyote plant and eat it. After that, the animal that you will receive will be random choose.

Finally, the best character is Bigfoot, who can kick other players, use guns and parachute.

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