GTA The Movie News – Take-Two Revealed Some New Details

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular, worldwide known, played, and loved games from all of the times. Rockstar’s franchise is a giant on the video games market and the bestselling title from all the games that exist. Take-Two, who is the developer and publisher of GTA, is keeping the franchise close for now. That means that the title is available only for video games, no movie, and no TV series, nothing that could go on TV.

However, we have a point of view about this issue (or not) from Strauss Zelnick, the CEO and chairman of Take-Two Interactive. Zelnick has another perspective about the game title than the fans and players of the game, so our hopes could remain in the stage of a dream because a movie could never happen. Strauss Zelnick’s thought about this idea of making a movie based on the video game was discussed with Sharon Wasman on the Grill series. The themes were the games, sports, and other events of these industries.

Why GTA The Movie Is Late to Become a Reality

Moreover, Zelnick is saying that things work differently regarding the idea of a video game title turned into a movie. His opinion is that you can quickly become a film into a video game, but it’s a different perspective if you roll a video game into a movie. From this topic, the idea of making a GTA movie has popped. The CEO is saying that the company never tried or thinks to produce a film after the title.

Finally, Zelnick is saying that producing a movie after the video game GTA, would mean that the company and the people who worked with this project, to have absolute control over the original part. If a movie is wanted after the game, then the company wants to do it in its way, to show the exact perspective of Take-Two. The CEO is possessive about its best and valuable piece ever created, so the idea of another group of people would have the rights on the title, is not something he shares.

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