Guide On How To Upgrade Your PC’s Hard Drive Without Losing Files

In our times, the majority of people own a PC. Computers and smartphones are part of our daily lives, and we often depend on them for the simplest of tasks. When a computer is used for a long time, its performance may degrade as we keep saving files on them. This happens because the computer’s hard disk becomes overwhelmed.

Hard discs tend to last only a few years before they become damaged. Even if they might still work, their speed and storage capacity are deteriorated. When this happens, we know it is time to install the operating system on a new drive. However, this method doesn’t always work as well as we expect, so in the end, it is better to upgrade to a larger hard drive. 

The recommended way to do this without risking losing any data is to use a backup, like EaseUS Todo. This software is well-suited for business and home users, and it is easy to use and efficient. 

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you successfully upgrade your hard drive without losing data:

Step 1

 First of all, you have to connect both hard drives, the new and the old ones, to the computer. This is a bit more difficult to do with laptops, but a SATA to USB will help you. 

Step 2

Once the hard drive is ready to use, move the data on the new disc. Install EaseUS for Backup, and select the option Clone. 

Step 3

Next, select the partitions or portions that you want to clone on the new drive. 

Step 4

Now, select the new hard disc or the target drive where you want the coned files to end up. 

Step 5

The cloning process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, so be patient to make sure you don’t lose any of your files. If you followed the steps correctly, you should be able to use your PC without any problems. 

Andreea Osu

Andreea Osu

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