Half-Life: Alyx – When Is the Game Going to Be Released?

There’s a new Half-Life game that’s in works right now. On the 18th of November, Half-Life: Alyx was announced, and Valve described it as the flagship VR game of the company. The official unveiling took place on the 21st of November. We are here to tell you everything we know so far.

Half-Life: Alyx doesn’t mean Half-Life 3

These pieces of news come just a few days after the 15th Birthday of Half-Life 2, and 12 years after the last Half-Life game, Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Ever since then, we got nothing more of this series, and the cliffhanger left us just like that. Back in 2017, a Valve designer and the former lead writer of the series, Marc Laidlaw, has given us details about the supposed plot of Half-Life 2: Episode Three.

There were a lot of user-created mods, and a fan-made remaster called Black Mesa. But none of it was actually Half-Life 3. But rumors are now everywhere on the internet about the game, and with Valve announcing that Half-Life will get back, we cannot wait anymore!

So what’s Half-Life: Alyx all about?

This game was called the “full-length entry in the Half-Life series,” as per Valve. It is specifically built for VR. This means that it’s a Steam, PC, VR-exclusive experience. You are free to pre-purchase it now on Steam.

Half-Life: Alyx release date

We know for sure of March 2020, according to the Steam page. But we do not have an exact date yet for the launch of Half-Life: Alyx. What we do know is that the page is running a 10% off pre-purchase promotion, which will end on the 30th of March. This might suggest that the game is coming on the 31st of March. Right now, we just have to wait until March 2020 and see from there.

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