Here’s Why Stock Android Is The Best OS

Android is the top-rated operating system, with millions of users all around the world using it. However, the majority of users dont know about stock Android or other versions of the software.

Stock Android is the purest version of the OS for devices released by Google ant it offers tons of benefits that you have been missing out on. This version of Android can’t be changed in any way by smartphone manufacturers. However, the original device manufacturer can customize stock Android. For example, Note 10 and S10 run on customized versions of Android, known as One UI, which includes apps, drivers and more pieces of software that are not released by stock Android.

Currently, many manufacturers are still using the customized version of Android. If your device does not have stock Android, you have to root your smartphone or use apps that give you an experience close to stock Android.

If you are curious about the real benefits of stock Android, keep reading.

1. Improved Security

Android’s biggest issue is malware and security problems. Devices running on stock Android are quicker to patch by Google since no modifications made by manufacturers stand in the way of fixing the issues. If you want to be among the first people that receive security updates, we recommend toy use stock Android.

2. Updated Android and Google apps

In the branded version of Android, the manufacturers are extremely slow to roll out for the latest version of the OS. Most of the customers use the same version for many years in spite of the new version available. At times, buying a new device is the only option to get the latest version of Android. Whereas in stock Android, you will receive the latest version of Android and Google apps update once Google releases it.

3. Less Useless Apps

Usually, Google provides apps that are duplicated by manufacturers. For example, along with the Chrome browser provided by Google, you will also get another network browser that will most likely not be used. Stock Android eliminates this issue.

4. Enhanced Storage and Performance

Duplicated apps, also known as bloatware, have negative effects on performance and battery life. These apps can run in the background, slowing down your device. Since bloatware apps can not be uninstalled, they just occupy storage area for no reason.


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Andreea Osu

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