How To Enable Game Mode on Windows 10

Microsoft Windows is a well-appreciated operating system that provides many features and updates, also more customization. Windows 10 came as the latest installment from Microsoft, and it does have many features indeed. Microsoft offers new upgrades on every Windows 10 update.

Game Mode, for example, is one such upgrade from Microsoft, which improves the gaming experience for gamers. If you play games on a Windows system, then the Game Mode will help you very much in many ways. But, if you encounter some issues with enabling it, here are some ways to resolve them.

What is Game Mode?

Game Mode represents the gaming feature released by Microsoft for Windows 10. It is one of the best things out there to play games on your Windows 10 device. It lets players quickly try any game, and it also optimizes the system.

Game Mode is also excellent for multi-tasks. Initially, the feature could be found on the Windows 10 Game bar, but now it seems it was moved. Here are some helpful steps for a full enabling of the feature.

How To Enable Game Mode on Windows 10

  1. Start by accessing the Windows key and select “Settings;”
  2. Choose the “Gaming option” from the Setting menu;
  3. Click the “Game Mode” and activate it on the Gaming page;
  4. From the Gaming menu, you can also enable the “Game Bar” feature;
  5. Choose any game and open it by tapping Windows Key+G. Such an option will let you open the Game Bar. Then, click on the “Use Game Mode for this game” setting.

These are all the steps that you should follow to enable Game Mode on Windows 10. You should also restart the game to get the best experience of the changes you did.  Remember that the changes won’t enhance the experience that much, but you will notice fewer issues from now on.

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