How To Fix The Most Common WhatsApp Issues

WhatsApp is an excellent instant messaging application, available on Android, iOS, and Windows 10, and web via WhatsApp Web. While it does not have many bugs, some issues might occur from now and then, ruining user experience with the applications. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix the most common WhatsApp issues.

How To Fix The Most Common WhatsApp Issues

WhatsApp is not connecting or is down

WhatsApp connection errors usually occur due to your WiFi or mobile data network connection. To sort out such issues, try the following steps:

  • Check your WiFi and mobile data connection – If WhatsApp works on mobile data, but not on WiFi, restart your Wifi router
  • Clear cache – Go to Settings -> Applications -> WhatsApp -> Clear Cache
  • Reinstall WhatsApp

“Last Seen” not showing up on WhatsApp

That is one of the most common WhatsApp issues, and it might be due to a wrong Privacy setting. Go to WhatsApp -> Settings -> Account -> Privacy and check if “Last Seen” is hidden. Also, your contact may have the privacy option activated or may have blocked you.

Voice and video call issues

If your experience glitches during voice and video calls, that might be due to a weak Internet connection. Check your WiFi router or mobile data connection. Also, the problem might not be with your device but with the signal of the person who you’re talking with.

WhatsApp doesn’t download received images or videos

First, go to Settings -> Data Usage and see if media auto-downloads are not set to WiFi only. If not, the solutions might be to restart your WiFi router, if you’re running on a WiFi network, or reboot your smartphone, in case you’re on mobile data.

WhatsApp refuses to send your messages

Also one of the most common WhatsApp issues occurs when WhatsApp doesn’t send your messages. Once again, a poor Internet connection might be the culprit. But, if you’re sure that the network is fast enough for WhatsApp, then you should restart your device. In case that doesn’t solve the issue, check the number of your contact because it might be wrong.

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