How To Fix The Update of Minecraft on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Many of us want to update Minecraft on Xbox 360. To solve the issues and to enhance the player’s experience, developers of Minecraft provide frequent updates. With each update, the game will be more significant, and all the updates regularly downloaded automatically.

But there are cases in which you might miss an essential upgrade, and you had to update it manually. If you’re not sure, though, about how to do it, here are some easy steps!

How To Fix The Update of Minecraft on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Verify your connection

To upgrade, verify if you are correctly connected to the Xbox Live account (Free/Subscribed). Also, you should have access to the internet to download and then install upgrades. Xbox Live Gold Subscription is not required. First, press the guide button to verify your connection. Then, access the settings and choose System. Go to Network Settings and select Wired Network or the title of your wireless network. Finally, choose Test Xbox Live Connection.

Update Minecraft on Xbox 360

Insert the CD and proceed to the app. The game will automatically download. The process will take a couple of minutes to finish the downloading and installation. If you still encounter any issue with those processes, you can try removing the cache and reinstall the game.

How to Remove Cache?

Press the Guide button from your controller. Then access the Settings and pick System Settings. After that, choose Select Storage or Memory. Select a storage device and press Y. Finally, choose the Clear System Cache, the Yes button, and that’s all.

Reinstall the Game

Removing the game will discard your saved game details, too. So, if you want to keep your game world from digital destruction, copy the save files to an Xbox 360 Memory Unit or a USB. If you have a Gold subscription, you upload it there, as well.

First, access Settings and System. Pick Storage, then Memory Unit, and select Games and Apps. Search and choose Minecraft, then press Y for Game Options. Then, pick Delete. If you have a disc, insert it and install the game. Also, if you have a digital version, re-download it and install it. Copy the saved game details from wherever you saved it. Start Minecraft and download the upgrade again when it requires you.

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