How to Fix WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working

One of the most used features in WhatsApp is voice messages. Because it makes it easier to communicate without losing time with typing, the function is very popular and loved by users.

However, some users have reported that sometimes, the functionality doesn’t work. For instance, when they receive a voice message, it will not download, or they can’t hear it. Some users also reported that they weren’t able to record audio messages at all.

Some even see a black screen when they listen to the voice messages or a notification that says, ‘This voice message is unavailable.’ This article will guide you with a handful of fixes for this issue in particular. Check them out below.

How to Fix WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes, a simple restart will solve any issue within it. When the app’s audio messages do not work, simply restart your smartphone and check if this quick fix solved the problem.

Grant Required Permissions

Verify whether WhatsApp has required permissions you haven’t enabled. To record a voice message, you have to allow the app to use the mic on your device.

To enable this setting on any smartphone, whether Android or iPhone, head over to Settings, select ‘Apps,’ and then ‘Notification’/’Application Manager.’ Under the ‘All Apps’ label, choose ‘WhatsApp’ and tap on ‘Permissions.’ Search the ‘Microphone’ option and select the ‘Allow’ key. Next, restart your smartphone.

Check for Recording Apps

Sometimes, WhatsApp cannot record audio messages when there are apps such as a screen or call recording application running on the background. We recommend that you exit them while you try recording the voice message.

Check the Screen Protector

WhatsApp has a proximity sensor functionality that allows you to listen to the voice messages via earbuds. When the screen protector is placed incorrectly, it can cause some issues; therefore, it is better to remove or replace it to use the WhatsApp feature.

Increase the Volume

This can happen to anyone, so don’t get offended by us mentioning it. When listening to a voice message via the speaker or headsets, turn the volume up.

Check the Storage

If you receive a notification saying, ‘Sorry, this audio cannot be loaded, please try again later’ while trying to download the message, make sure you’ve got enough storage space available on your device. Sometimes, when the storage is full, WhatsApp cannot download audio messages.

Clear the Cache Memory

For Android users, the ‘Clear Cache’ option for WhatsApp is different from ‘Clear Data.’ The option will not allow the app’s data to be deleted, only the cache memory. To clear the app’s cache, head over to Settings, and select the ‘Apps and Notifications’ category. Under the ‘Apps’ label, head to ‘WhatsApp,’ select ‘Storage’ and tap on ‘Clear Cache.’ Next, restart your smartphone.

Update WhatsApp

At times, you may encounter the issue because of a bug in the app’s beta version program. Therefore, try to update the app and operating system with the latest release from the Google Play Store.

Uninstall WhatsApp

If none of these fixes work, uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it again. Hopefully, we were of help with these simple fixes for the voice messages not working issue.

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