How to Get Back Deleted Photos on Android

If you’ve accidentally deleted any image on your device, it’s probably not such a big deal. But what if you deleted something irreplaceable? Well, it’s no need to panic at all, because there might be some ways to get back your files. Here are some ideas on how to do such a thing!

How to Get Back Deleted Photos With DiskDigger

Start by accessing the Play Store and download DiskDigger photo recovery. Open the app after installation and run the app. Many apps promise to recover your files, but DiskDigger proved to be the best.

Remember that you should turn off your Wi-Fi and data connections on your phone. Such a setting is needed because when files are removed, whether pictures, documents, or music, it is not removed at all until something has been put over it in your device’s memory. So, it’s necessary to turn off all your device cleaning apps right away. Those types of apps are known to remove the data you’ve accidentally erased, making the job of recovery impossible.

Also, remember that DiskDigger is limited in getting back your erased pictures from your thumbnail caches. Such a thing means that the photos will probably be of a lower quality than the initial ones. You’ll have as well an option to restore the findings to a folder on your device or make a back-up.

How to Prevent Losing Files on Android Devices

To recover your photos is now an easy task, but how do you prevent losing them in the future? The best solution is to try Google Photos.

The app offers you unlimited photo storage (the files shouldn’t be very big), and the back-up feature will help you a lot, being easy to set up. After installing the app, access Settings, then Backup & sync, and you can select how often you want the app to back-up your pictures.

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