How to Manage Multiple Email Accounts With a Single App

Communication via email has gained its popularity in the last decade. We are going to give a tip that will make your Inbox experience more comfortable to manage. Android email app supports multiple inbox settings, numerous accounts, and much more. To put it in simple words, it will enable you to manage different accounts by accessing various providers from one app. Easy peasy! We are going to describe to you the top 5 Inbox organizers.

How to Manage Multiple Email Accounts With a Single App

The Gmail App

Gmail is not only an Inbox organizer, but it also helps you to manage your Android device much better. This app has all your mail features required and is the most reliable one from the top 5. Gmail app has an excellent interface, and being able to manage all email accounts makes it perfect. Backed up by Google, is one of the most appreciated amongst the public.

K—9 Mail App

K—9 Mail is also favored amongst the public. You can access multiple email accounts through this app too. It supports IMAP, POP, and Exchange 2003/2007, which are different types as its client is of open source.

Boxer: Workspace One

This app has a fantastic interface which supports Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and Icloud due to email client being rich in features. This app has very high rates on the Google Play Store and its the perfect go-to-app for anyone in need of managing different email accounts.

Inbox App

If you like Gmail, you will also enjoy the Inbox app as it is similar. In comparison with the Gmail app, this one is an advanced version of it. Its unique features help you to better manage and organize essential things to a great extent, such as to snooze emails and set reminders, etc.

Blue Mail

The Blue Mail app supports mails like Alto, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, and Outlook, as well as other variations due to its universal email client. With the help of this app, custom rules can be set up, managing everything with just one click.


There are other Inbox organizer apps similar to the above, like Microsoft Outlook, Email by Edison, My Mail, Newton Mail, MailDroid, Boxer, Nine-Email, and Calendar, Proton Mail, Aqua Mail, Email TypeApp. In the end, the choice belongs to you.

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