How to Play Minecraft in Multiplayer on Several Platforms

Minecraft was released several years ago but remained one of the most popular video games in the world, with millions of players across several platforms.

Many players will enjoy playing solo, but the game can be even better when you play together with a group of friends. Below you can find an extensive tutorial that shows how to play Minecraft multiplayer on your favorite gaming device.

Important notice: Minecraft The Bedrock Edition is the version available for Windows 10, consoles and smartphones.

Users can play Minecraft multiplayer via:

  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Online servers
  • Minecraft Realms
  • Split screen

How to Play Minecraft in Multiplayer on Several Platforms

Play Minecraft multiplayer via LAN

  • On Minecraft Java Edition – A host computer is required for a LAN connection. Start by launching the game and selecting Single Player. After the world is generated, press on ESC and select the Open to LAN option. Pick the desired mode and select Start LAN world. Other players can join your game by selecting the Multiplayer option.
  • On Minecraft Bedrock Edition – Wait until everyone joins the same network. One user will be the host. He or she will have to select a new world or edit a current one by selecting the Pen icon. Enable the Visible to LAN players feature. Launch a new or current world. Other players can join the LAN game from the friends menu.

Online servers

  • On Minecraft Java Edition – Launch Minecraft and select the multiplayer section. Click on the add server button and insert the IP of the desired server.
  • On Minecraft Bedrock Edition – This version of the game offers access to three dedicated servers that can be found in the Servers tab. Hit the Add server button if you want to add other servers. You will have to enter the name, address, and port of the server.

Minecraft Realms

To access this feature, you will have to pay a subscription. In both versions of Minecraft, this mode can be accessed by selecting Minecraft Realms. Configure the realms according to your wished or join an existing realm with a double click or tap.


This feature is limited to the Xbox PlayStation and Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft. Users will have to launch the game and start the controllers. When the second controller is detected, the split-screen will be activated automatically.

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