How to Share Your Smartphone Wi-Fi Connection With Other Devices

The introduction of Wi-Fi connection as a standard was a boon for many internet users, as they no longer needed to use wires to access the internet. Any modern smartphone will come with built-in Wi-Fi and hotspot capabilities.

Creating a Wi-Fi hotspot is a great solution when you want to access the internet on another electronic device, but it may not always work as expected. In some cases, your provider will impose a strict data limit, and any breaches can lead to additional costs.

In some cases, you may want to share the Wi-Fi connection from your smartphone to other devices. While this may seem a bit complicated at first, several advantages make the method useful. For example, your smartphone may pick up a Wi-Fi connection, but the same connection is not available on your laptop. Or you may want to have a single active connection while also using several devices. Read below to learn how to do it.

How to Share Your Smartphone Wi-Fi Connection With Other Devices

Activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your smartphone

First, you will need to activate the Wi-Fi feature and connect it to a stable source before proceeding. While a weaker Wi-Fi connection can work, there is the risk of being disconnected unexpectedly, and this may cause some problems depending on what you are doing. Then go to device settings and enable Bluetooth. Verify that Bluetooth is on before moving to the next step.

Activate Bluetooth tethering

Go to Settings. Select the Wireless & network section and tap on the Tethering and portable hotspot feature. Enable Bluetooth tethering to continue.

Pairing devices

First, activate Bluetooth on the desired device. Then get your smartphone and pair it by using the Device connectivity/Bluetooth feature. After the pairing process is complete to verify that Internet access sharing is enabled in the device profile by tapping the settings icon next to the name.

On a Windows PC, go to Settings/Devices and printers and select the icon which represents your device. Click on Connect using/Access point and enjoy! That’s all about how to share your Wi-Fi connection with other devices.

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