How to Trade Different Stuff in Roblox

The Trading System is an excellent feature for players with a Premium membership. Such a thing let them sell and buy Limited stuff and robux with other players. So, both the players must allow this option activated in the Privacy tab in the Account Settings page. A membership is needed for such action. The Trading usually occurs in two-steps. The first involves Account Optimization, and you should enable your account for Trading. And second, is where the Actual Trading happens.

How to Trade Different Stuff in Roblox

Account Optimization

You must access the Builders Club Membership/Premium Membership, and join Builders club to Trade stuff. You can select any package as you desire, from Outrageous to Classic. Then, activate your Trading Option in Account, by logging to your Roblox account. Access the Account Settings, Privacy Tab, and pick the “Trade Accessibility” feature. Start collecting some limited and rare stuff, and make some premium plugins that will tell you about all the unique things. You will able to gather them all of you want.

Actual Trading

Start by searching for other members that you want to realize the trade. The trading is only available when both of you possess a builders club membership. Go to the Trade browser from the member’s profile, open Roblox, find it, then open its profile, and access the Trade items feature in the menu. Next, you should send your trade request. Finally, you will see by default a window of stuff to trade. If you like something, select one, and you’re ready for the trade. Also, you can add or remove items of your choice.

Trading Rules

When you decide to become a seller, you can only request 50 % of the robux value of that specific item, which is calculated without the transaction fee. For example, if you’re giving a thing that is 400 robux in the system, you can’t demand more than 200 robux for that item after offering a 30 % transaction fee for the deal in Roblox.

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