Huawei Announced The MatePad Pro

Huawei made an official announcement for the MatePad Pro and this tablet seems to be the company’s answer to the iPad Pro. Since Huawei has already surpassed Apple by creating arguably the best smartphone cameras in the world, many are wondering if the MatePad Pro launch is the next step in the process of taking Apple’s throne in the industry.

Obviously, the MatePad Pro is not identical to an iPad Pro. Huawei’s new device has a punch-hole cutout corner and a 10.5-inch screen that takes up 90 percent of the body of the tablet.

The cutout is meant for an 8MP front camera, while the rear side has a 14 MP camera. The MatePad Pro comes in two versions, with either 6/8GB RAM and 128/256GB storage. Similar to the iPad, it comes in either WiFi or WiFi and cellular options. The MatePad Pro is powered by a Kirin 990, having a 7,250mAh battery, wireless charging and even reverse wireless charging.

Huawei’s brand new tablet comes with an M-Pencil that has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and that can be charged on the top of the frame, where it attaches magnetically.

Even more, the MatePad Pro can be paired with other Huawei devices. For example, Huawei smartphones’ screens can be mirrored on the tablet. This tablet still has its downsides, especially when it comes to compatibility since it has some issues with Google Play and other Google apps. The MatePad Pro also has a laptop mode, allowing users to have multiple windows open simultaneously.

The MatePad Pro will come in four color options: white, black, green and orange. The price will be $470 for the basic 6GB RAM/128GB SSD WiFi model. The Cellular start models will retail for $540, while the top-speed version with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD will cost $640.


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