Huawei’s P40 Pro Plus 5G Flagship Smartphone: We Will Get 5G

Huawei announced around February that they had in their plan to launch a new flagship smartphone on the 26th of March. But because of the coronavirus outbreak, and how the situation escalated very fast, everyone thought that the company would postpone the launch, and hold the event sometime in summer. But it seems that this is not the case.

A new leak reveals that Huawei is going to call its next-gen smartphone P40 Pro Plus 5G.

About the smartphone

The first thing that we want to say about this leak is that it clearly shows that Huawei is ready to launch the P40 Pro Plus 5G smartphone on the initial set date, the 26th of March, 2020. But will that actually happen?

All the shops and malls are now shut down in the world, and the launch might not be at its strongest now.  However, here is all we know so far about the next flagship device.

The leaked specs show exciting details about the camera

As the name shows, the smartphone will come with support for 5G connectivity. It is actually great news since not all the flagship smartphones will come with support for 5G connectivity. An excellent example of this matter is Apple’s latest iPhone: it has no 5G connectivity, and we believe it is a shame.

Another feature that caught our eye was the five-lens camera setup, placed on the rear side. According to the press render, we see that the lenses are produced by LICA and that they come alongside a LED light. The phone will also come with a dual-lens selfie shooter. It seems to be placed in a punch-hole, on the left of the display.

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