Indie Games Are Gaining Popularity Thanks To Xbox Game Pass

According to the [email protected] director, Chirs Charla, indie games have been gaining more and more success lately on Xbox One, and he believes the rise in popularity is due to Xbox Game Pass.
Charla said that in 2018, things were different. But this year, developers have so much success being part of Xbox Game Pass on both platforms, PC and console. He added that the exposure Xbox Game Pass offers indie games is just a small aspect that leads to their newly-found popularity.
“Exposure has been great for players because they know they’re getting to discover all of these games that they might not have seen otherwise,” Charla explained. “Players can take a risk, well I don’t want to say risk, but they can download a bunch of games they otherwise wouldn’t have played at no additional cost.”
Basically, Charla believes that users are presented with a variety of games, and they inevitably give some of them a try, even though they might have never heard of them, just because they have access to those games free-of-cost.
Indie games’ prestige is continuously growing, yet they can still be considered inferior by some gamers. Even when those games receive a lot of praise in the press, it can be difficult to sell them, even at reduced prices. This barrier is exactly the factor that needs to be removed, and it seems that [email protected] and Xbox Game Pass are getting there slowly, but steadily.
The players face no risks on the platform, so they should not have any reason to fear trying out a game. Xbox Game Pass developers are curating the games in the program, so they are completely safe. Many games are benefiting from this, and the increased sales serve as proof.
Charla added: “Xbox players are playing the game, tweeting about it, telling their friends and then all of a sudden people are searching for it on Game Pass and on other platforms.”

Andreea Osu

Andreea Osu

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