InShot Video Downloader 1.3.5 Is Now Available

In recent times many users love to stream their favorite content on their mobile devices, but in select cases, this is not a feasible option.

Some users may have a data cap, and if they go beyond the limit, they have to pay extra, or the speed of the connection is hampered. Others live in remote areas where access to internet services is limited or unavailable.

To bypass these issues, some users prefer to download content directly on their devices. Video Downloader by InShot Inc. is an excellent tool for this purpose. Read below to learn more about the app and its unique features.

Built-in browser

Use the integrated browser to find your favorite content without the need to switch between several apps. A smart detection feature will scan the page and offer the option to download videos instantly.
Pick your favorite format.

Before you download the file, you can select the desired format. Among the available choices, we can count MP3, MP4A, WMW, AVI, and many others.

Smart download manager

The intelligent download manager offers the option to pause a download and resume it at a later point without losing the current progress. There is also the ability to delete downloaded files instantly, and several files can be downloaded at the same time.

Secure and convenient

Files can be downloaded in a password-protected folder, keeping curious users away from them. A great boon comes in the form of being able to download files directly on the SD memory card, which is incredible if the internal storage space of your device is limited, but you wish to download large files.

Self-resume downloads

Downloads that fail will be resumed automatically as long as a stable internet connection remains available. Users can also check the progress of current downloads via the address bar.

InShot Video Downloader 1.3.5 comes with enhanced download speeds, bug fixes, and the ability to rename a folder while the download process is active.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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